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We develop distributed systems, design user interfaces, and optimise the UX...
Wait, that's not why you're here, is it?

Forget the technical jargon, ZieglerLabs is here to help you develop better tools and solutions for your business.

You want to innovate.
You want to increase efficiency.
And you want everything to run smoothly and efficiently.

Does that describe you?

This is exactly what we are here to do for you.

What we can do for you

Logistics and Supply Chain reinvented

At Ziegler, we know our business. ZieglerLabs takes this industry expertise to the next level with modern technologies and digital solutions.

But how does it actually work?

Let's look at an example of how Ziegler's industry knowledge can make magic happen when combined with the latest digital technologies...

Our customer opens our website and finds that he can input info on the goods he needs to ship, and immediately can see a quote with a choice of available options. The customer modifies his order depending on his needs, and can also use the help of a virtual assistant at any time if he has a question. Once satisfied, he can place his order online and all the necessary transport, customs, and billing documents are generated and sent automatically to the client and also to the relevant department within the Ziegler Group. His order placed, the customer can then track his shipment in real-time. With an online system that monitors each movement of the parcel, he has visibility on the detailed status of his parcel through every step of the shipment.

This parcel tracking system also streamlines warehouse operations and the flow of goods. The package receives a tracker right after collection and then it enters the augmented reality-based system. The software can plan out the most efficient distribution of packages into trucks, their shipment and optimise their storage, detecting possible issues in advance and planning the flow of shipments to maximise speed and efficiency. With the software doing the tedious work, this reduces errors and frees our teams from repetitive work. We can focus on giving our customers the best experience possible.

That's just the beginning of what is possible when we combine Ziegler's business knowledge and the latest tools and technologies!

Imagine a system based on artificial intelligence, which scans and monitors the flow of customer's goods. This intelligent system could help us process endless amounts of data streaming in from customers, packages and teams from all over the world. Not only that, but it would be able to learn, for example, predicting increased demand for any given product and then automatically carring out the process of ordering and delivery of that product so that it is in stock at the right time and in the right amounts.

Using augmented reality technology, connected systems and mobile platforms can unlock so many possibilities. This and other initiatives is what is already underway for the Ziegler Group.

How we do this?

Why us

ZieglerLabs is a team of experienced but still young and dynamic complementary experts in different fields: IT architecture, backend and frontend development, data analysis, UX&UI solutions, graphic design as well as digital marketing and communications.

We operate in a startup-like environment, which allows us to work with an agile methodology and facilitates the flow of information. We evaluate and plan projects and tasks using the “design thinking methodology” to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems, and create innovative prototyping and testing solutions.

This approach helps us to define and evaluate the user's actual needs and test solutions at every step while making improvements in real-time. Therefore, development processes are not long, and there is the opportunity for quick prototyping to find and fix errors early on in the process.

And we know that we deal with topics that not everyone is familiar with. That is why we strive for transparent communication, in which we present real solutions and effects of our actions, rather than complicated and theoretical descriptions of actions taken.

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